Software for innovative large-scale peer-to-peer sharing solutions

ShareTech Plus is a flexible custom software solution to facilitate cost-sharing for organizations of any size. It’s engineered to your specifications to scale with your organization and streamline your workflow with its powerful tools. Our experienced team works with your organization to develop an online platform connecting your members with access to valuable healthcare cost-sharing technology.

Our dedicated team is committed to helping connect you with the finest software solutions in the industry so your organization can provide its members with the highest possible quality of service. We understand that your members have diverse responsibilities and require modern, easy to use software in order for your organization to succeed and grow. Our professional staff is here to listen to your needs and make sure that your ShareTech Plus solution fills your organization’s unique requirements and exceeds every expectation.

How Can We Help You?

ShareTech Plus offers fully customizable peer-to-peer sharing solutions for organizations in many industries. We’ll save your organization time and money through greater levels of automation, increased ease of use, efficient software integration, and robust analytics reporting so you can provide your members with the highest possible quality of service. Your members will gain easy to use online access to their most important account information and reliable access to high-quality, affordable healthcare providers.

If your organization would like to collaborate on a custom software solution with options available to accommodate nearly any budget, please fill out the form below to schedule a free, no-commitment consultation. Thank you!

If you’re ready to collaborate on a customizable software solution for your healthcare sharing ministry, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to set up a consultation to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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