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ShareTech Plus is the first software solution designed to streamline large scale peer-to-peer cost sharing through the web. Upon enrollment, each member receives a personalized dashboard where they can securely submit medical expenses and pre-notifications for approval.

Because funds are never gathered in a central account, ShareTech Plus allows for complete compliance and transparency.


The ShareTech Plus Ministry Dashboard provides a complete, easy to understand overview and visual representation of your organization’s performance analytics. A set of pre-configured reports provides your organization with quick access to important information.

Or, you can create your own custom reports to simplify and enhance your workflow with immediate access to your most crucial business metrics.

Works With Existing Software

ShareTech Plus’s extensive software integration makes for a quick and efficient setup that works with your current system.

Upload your own logo, documents, and database files to get up and running quickly with a reliable web-based platform built to your specifications. The ability to use the chatbot of your choice with ShareTech Plus allows your organization to provide automated service around the clock.

Should it be required, ShareTech Plus is a simple and straightforward solution for online integration with accredited banks for maximum transparency and compliance.

Powerful Tools for Members

With ShareTech Plus, your organization’s members have access to a powerful set of tools via their own set of dashboard controls. Members may review transactions, make donations, submit medical expenses and pre-notifications, download and print their membership card(s), access prescriptions, locate high-quality, affordable healthcare providers, make contributions, and much more.

If your healthcare sharing ministry is ready to streamline its online operations with ShareTech Plus’s efficient, convenient, and compliant software integration tools, please complete the form below to schedule a free, no-commitment consultation to discuss a custom ShareTech Plus solution for your organization.

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